does a diet of breakfeast and lunch having a bowl of special kay and a fruit sound like a good diet plan to loose some?

and any suggestions for dinner?

Answer #1

No. Special K isn’t a diet supplement for two meals a day. You need to get all your food groups. If you’re just eating cereal and fruit you’re going to get sick. From your profile picture you don’t appear to be an obese person in need of a desperate diet plan. If you want to be healthy, cut out overly sugary/salty junk food, not important food groups, and exercise. Exercising goes hand in hand with a good diet.

Answer #2

I do fruits and vegetables throughout the day and then do I decent diner with a meat of fish or chicken.

Answer #3

that’s more of what i was thinking, i wouldn’t cut out all the food groups, but more cut down on amounts. I don’t “need” a diet, but it couln’t hurt me in terms of the anerexia subject, ya know? just make me look a little more “slim”

what is a good healthy food i can bring to school besides fruit “because i would be eating friut and vegies most of my meals anyways. I know fish is good.

Answer #4

Well I can say I am not thin, but I think I am still in good shape for 33.

Answer #5

That sounds like a bad idea to me. The main reason is because it doesn’t sound maintainable. A diet to me equals a lifestyle change and there is no way that you’ll be able to maintain a healthy lifestyle eating two bowls of special K a day, you’ll just get bored. Rather cut out sugar and processed foods and eat a variety of vegetables and fruits a day including things such as brown rice, fish, wholewheat products etc. Because as soon as you lose that special K diet you’re weight will gain back, probably even more. Also exercising is vital in keeping healthy. Focus on health and the weight loss (not that you probably need it) will come with it.

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