What's a good diet plan?

What’s a good diet and exercise plan that helps you loose weight? I’m looking for a good one the actually works

Answer #1

Exercise (CARDIO!!) at least once a day for one hour. Here is a healthy meal plan for one day:

Breakfast: Egg white omlet with green pepper and onion

Snack: Half an apple and a few slices of non-fat cheese

Lunch: (This should be your biggest meal) Tuna fish with carrots and celery (with non-fat mayo or no mayo…you can also try using yogurt or mustard instead of mayo) on whole wheat bread and a peach.

Snack: 3/4 cup of non-fat yogurt

Dinner: Brown rice and brown and black beans and plenty of green beans, spinach, cucumbers and orange peppers on the side.

Desert: Blueberries and sliced banana

Try to vary what you eat day to day. Good luck! Peace

Answer #2

One simple plan is to replace just one of your meals with a Meal Replacemen Shake. Eat vegetables as snacks. If you have any more questions, go ahead and ask me and I’ll give you more details.

Answer #3

well its hard to call since everyone is different. cut out sodas a plus !! don’t eat starches before going to bed. exercise when you can. any kind of calisthetics helps (ex. running). drink water and good fruit juices. try to avoid carbs. fresh fruit makes good snacks. I don’t know if I can help you much more than that.

Answer #4

um well I wouldnt say im over weight I just got alil bit of baby fat lol and no muscle I just ditched the juice and soda drank a lot of water regulary exercise I have lost 5 pounds in a week and a half which isnt much but I feel happier and am maintaining a healthy weight so yay eat a lot of greens like veg lol and lean cut meat and chicken etc

Answer #5

Most diets look at controling your Calories (Kcals) they are pretty much all the same and do the same thingand there are 100s of them. they work on limiting the Kcals you intake. I wouldn’t reccomend any of them but they do work for some people. Im a personal Trainer and the diet advice I always give to people is to eat a healthly balanced diet with lots of fruit and veg, no processed rubbish (microwave meals) or junk food (KFC MCdondals) Exercise is the best way to loose weight and will ALWAYS work provided you keep at it and dont eat crap!

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