Is it ok for an Atheist and a Christian to date?

Is it ok for an Atheist and a Christian to date?

Answer #1

ok I get the point. We talked about all this last night and we compromised. So it’s all good now. I do love him and want to spend the rest of my life with him. =]

Answer #2

shy dont let that bother you so what you got 2 diff beleives dont let that get in the way as long as you love him then religion shouldnt really matter

Answer #3

There is absolutly no biblical teachings that say you must marry within your own faith. Actually the Christian/Jewish religion supports marriage outside faith. Think about it, when you bring prayer and religion into a relationship it can be better accepted by the other person.

Answer #4

an athiest is someone that doesnt believe in god, allah, dios, or something to that extent

Answer #5

It really shouldnt matter as long as no one forces their belifes on the other.

Answer #6

If they can tolerate each other’s differences, then there’s no reason why they can’t have a loving, fulfilling relationship.

Answer #7

It really depends on how serious both parties are about their beliefs. Is the Atheist really Atheist or more Agnostic?

I am Christian, my boyfriend is Agnostic and we work together great. He doesn’t push down my beliefs. And he is still trying to work out his. And I give him his space to do so. I’m not going to push anything on him!

Answer #8

Honey, Nazi’s would not marry a Jew. Your either lying or are very confused. Nazi’s are also - not a religious group.

Answer #9

It’s ok for an atheist and Christian do date, provided they do not force their beliefs down on each other. I am Christian and my boyfriend is atheist, but it doesn’t affect our relationship at all.

Answer #10

ahhh no?? its not gonna work imma Christian and I could NEVER date an atheist =/

Answer #11

a christian should not want to date an atheist for it says in the Bible …there is not fellowship between darkness and light

Answer #12

Ummm only if you want problems down the road. The christian might sit there and cram religion down the atheist throat. I would hate the idea of someone pushing the issue on me (No…I am not atheist). Some people, however, can make their relationship work, My sister and her boyfriend did and they are going on a year here pretty soon. Ya’ll just have to communicate and come to an understanding. If you get married, that could pose as a potential conflict right there.

Answer #13

Well my boyfriend is Atheist and I’m a Christian and we get along just fine. I don’t judge him or anything and he doesn’t judge me. We love each other no matter what. Yea the whole marriage thing is going to be a little conflict. Me and him are going to start talking about that. We really love each other and would love to marry each other one day. Hopefully this will all work out.

Answer #14

Absolutely. My fiance is a Christian and I am an Athiest. I will tell you though, that it takes a lot of understanding, comprimise, and respect to hold a relationship with two extremely different religions.

We have been together for over 2 years and have no had a problem with our religions what so ever. We are planning on getting married early next year, and have decided on a non-church wedding because he respects by beliefs and realizes that I would not feel comfortable getting married in a church under God.

Not everyone can handle a relationship like ours though. I believe if you love someone though, you can look past your differences, even religious ones.

Answer #15

No. Dont date someone who has rejected the most important being in your life. You will regret it. Marriage(which comes after dating) is meant to conform us to the image of Christ. What gain is their if you date someone who will only slow you down spiritually?

Answer #16

They must both be very tolerant of other viewpoints for that to work. Too often, once a relationship becomes serious (usually after marriage), religious differences become an issue. People tend to revert to their childhood religious perspectives in their 30s.

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