Can a christian date a catholic person?

Ok I have heard that a Christian must only date a fellow Christian. But what about a Catholic? They say that Catholicism is the same as Christianity but thing is I don't know so much about Catholicism.

Can anyone out there answer this??? O.o

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isnt the catholic religion part of christianity?

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Actually, Catholicism started in the year 313 when the Roman Emperor, Constantine, when he issued the Edict of Milan.

There were professing Christians who were not Catholic from the time of Christ until then, and since then. You are correct that they are a minority and, I believe, always will be.

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That is true, there are non-denominational christians and ofcourse the orthodox. They are the minority. However Catholicism is a branch of christianity and was really there before the other branches began.

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it is wrong to date anyone other than a Christian (agnostic and athiest) why in the world would I date someone who is not Christian?

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Well there are two answers:Yes and No!

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I think you should be able to date anyone that you want, because if you couldnt that would be pretty stupid

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@ ty: um I'm a Christian. Not a Catholic/Protestant

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there's a verse in the bible which says ' Do not be yoked to a non believer'
back in the day with there donkeys or horses that would pull there carriages they would put this thing over them to join them together so that they would pull the carriage in the same direction.

that bible verse refers to friend and boyfriends.. anyone in your life.
but it's not written to mean only hang out with Christians, it means don't let people in your life steer you off the right path. only have those who will help you do what is right.

So to answer your question. Yes you can be a Christian and date a catholic, you can even be a Christian and date a non Christian.. just so long as whoever you're dating you don't put them before your relationship with God.

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You can and should date whoever you want. Dating someone of a different religion, or in this case the same religion but a different strain of it, only causes problems if the couple allows it or their really religious families get involved. Should it progress to marriage, there is also the matter of raising children. Even people who are only nominally religious can sometimes insist that their children be introduced to a certain faith's traditions.

But there are thousands of couples out there with mixed religious can work.

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"Christianity" professes a belief in God through his son "Christ". Catholics, Orthodox and Protestants believe in Christ. Muslims, Athiests, Buddhists, Jews, and others do not.

There are many, many, many versions of "Christianity". Here's a link to some of them with explanations of how and why they came to be:

You, as a Christian can date who ever you want. Prior to marriage however; you'll have to work out both of your beliefs depending on your respective religions. If one of you is stronger in your belief, then the other is expected to convert, or you part ways.

Use the link above, and figure out what type of "Christian" you are. After that, perhaps we can make more enlightened advice. (but don't count on it) :)

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Why doesnt anyone pay attention in history anymore? Actually, the catholics were the first christians. Well basicaly. If you're comparing them to protestants, or so called 'christians' they were earlier at least. So what you'd be talking about would be the protestants. Hate to break it to you, but the protestants came AFTER (way after) the catholics. And it depends. On what branch of protestantism you believe in. because believe it or not, your particular branch aint the only one around.

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I am wiccan, My girlfriend of almost 2 years is Catholic. You should date who you love not who a religion says you should.

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Not all professing Christians are Catholic or Protestant.

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mesmericspirit - what is the name of your religion? Just wondering.

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