Atheists know a lot more about christianity than christians?

It seems like atheists know a lot more about christianity than the actual christians.

Answer #1

Flossheal, the problem in the states is the fundamentalists sects were co-opted by the extreme right wing, and used for political purposes. And in a country with a majority of christians, it is tough for a liberal to argue against “men of god”. However, there are still many religious people who remain liberal (my wife for one). It is just that they don’t think religion has a place in government. I think even the evangelicals are getting sick of conservative politics, and see things like fighting poverty, climate change, and universal healthcare as being very compatible with their faith. But there are still plenty out there who want to rail against liberals using wedge issues like abortion and gay marriage. There will always be those who are so close-minded they will never see the forest for the trees.

As far as my personal knowledge, I know more about my former faith than most church-going catholics. As has already been said, I think most atheists have taken the time to learn about religion and have come to there own conclusions. Much more so than the average christian who seems to just accept what they are told without question. Flossheal, you are obviously a way-above-average christian. lol.

Answer #2

I’m a well-educated Liberal European (sorry to sound boastful but I hope that’s true). I’m a Christian and think I know about as much about Christian facts as the atheists (and a lot more about my faith than they do, obviously).

What has become clear to me is that in the US many well-educated, liberal people like me have been so sickened by a particular type of Christianity that they have abandoned it, and fair enough. I don’t think they should have abandoned Jesus but it’s OK with me that they abandoned the politics and the delight in ignorance which have become associated with noisy Christianity in the US over the last few decades.

So these atheists are clever and deep thinking people, who have been alienated from Christianity as they experienced it. They do know a lot - not because they’re atheists, but simply because some US Christianity has become anti-intellectual and anti-liberal, so clever left-wingers had little or no part in it over the last years. That’s not the case in Europe, where Christians come from no particular political or educational strata, and it’s also changing in the USA now. I predict that we’ll look back on this unfortunate ‘blip’ in US Christianity as a bizarre oddity in the future. And well-educated Americans should not, as a body, feel alienated from Christianity for much longer.

Answer #3

I don’t know if your statement is generally true, but it’s true for some. A lot of atheists are ex-Christians who figured out it was all nonsense after years of investigation. I think I’m more knowledgable about Christian history than most pastors.

Answer #4

what arachnid said… a lot of “true believers” think reading history and actually examining things will reduce their faith or something…

quoting from a previous question “I was taught not to question that” and that pretty much sums it up…

Answer #5

Because a lot of atheists are ex-christians. Unlike ‘true believers’, they’ve generally gone to the effort to critically examine their beliefs - leading to their deconversion.

Answer #6

I am an atheists, I dont know much about religon, but what I do know has made me what I am. Please dont try convince me that there is a God, because I really dont like being preached at. I respect your views, I accept you to respect mine.

Answer #7

anybody can know stuffs.. but only a few actual real-(there are fakers) followers of Christ actually know Him for like realness.

Answer #8

rainbow_bloodhxc: If a friend of yours was convinced that magic leprechauns followed him everywhere, and he had to leave 10% of his earnings to them under a tree or they would do nasty things, would you try to convince him he’s wrong? Even though you don’t believe in magic leprechauns?

Just because you don’t believe in something doesn’t mean you can’t challenge people who do, if you think they’re wrong.

Answer #9

“Who knows maybe when I am farther along on my spiritual journey I will become a liberal, hahaha.”

Maybe there is hope for you yet…

Answer #10

One reason why some atheists know more about (all the various types of) Christianity than most Christians is because we grew up believing and, as part of our break with the faith, educated ourselves in all aspects. For example, if Jill continues to be a Baptist, she will likely only pay much attention to Baptist dogma and interpretation. But if Jill struggles with her faith and searches for answers, she will likely encounter the other forms of Christianity as well.

Another reason might be because many of us really want to understand truth so we study these things very much.

Answer #11

please, my uncle isn’t an ex-believer & he can put me to shame on some things. He’s like a walking encyclopedia. I wouldn’t say just Athieast, Ild say a lot of ex-christains or people from other religions(for instance I have a friends whose Hindu who knows quite a bit) knows more than the people who practice Christanity. I’ve only met about handsful-if even that- people in my life that know just as much as I who are ctually Christain therselves..

& ty you took the words right out of my mouth 1_~

Answer #12

Well I dont understand why athiests use a lot of their valuable time trying to disprove a god they dont even believe in

Answer #13

because religions always ram it down our throuts trying to get us into there little satan hateing god loving sin killing cult thingys

Answer #14

how so?

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