Christians Vs Atheists

So, what’s the deal? I see tons of bashing between the groups. Heres a bit of info:

Christians talk about god, then atheists tell them how “uneducated” they are about the subject. Then again, Christians sometimes don’t know when to stop with the “god talk”

I just seem to think everyone has a big problem not accepting people. It shouldn’t bother most of you as much as it does. Why care? Why care if people say “I don’t believe in god” or “I believe in god” Why should it really matter? You’re all the same.

Before ANYONE says the other group is more at fault I say that’s bull crap. I don’t want anyone pointing their finger at the other group accusing them. I want an answer about why you think Atheists and Christians are at war all the time.

P.S. I can smell a fight brewing…

P.S.S. I’m agnostic, don’t think I’m taking sides haha :P

Answer #1

I’m Christian, yes. But do I care if anyone else isnt? Noo. You peoples that arent christian can do what you want at the expense of possibly taking a trip to hell. If Im being honest, religion isnt something that people should push on others. Isnt that why we’re here in the land of the free and what not. Isnt that why the Pilgrims and Puritans came here in the beggining? To practice whatever religion they wanted without being judged? Its dumb to take a side and not be open to other peoples views. If you really think about it, we judge others to much based on what they’re culture and religion entails, we dont take time to notice the person. I have Catholic, Buddhist and Atheist friends. But what they do at home is what they do. Just like what I do at home is what I do. Its just like gays vs. straights or black vs. white. Its just closed minded thinking, and its stupid. And I cant say that I sometimes dont have my doubts about the religion I follow. Its normal to have doubts. But I wont be changing the God (or lack there of) I follow. And I dont expect Atheist to change because you’re shoving Christianity down their throats. Its all about exceptance.

Answer #2

Well your answer was a taaad over the top. “The reason they are at war - is because no matter what - you can’t change someone’s beliefs and people are hard headed and refuse to believe what is right in front of them.”

That’s kinda… eh, bashing a tad.

I understand, I haven’t really read the bible all the way through, who knows how old the earth is O.o

Answer #3

Mandyloo, I can see where your coming from.

But! You can’t really call Christians idiots because they choose to believe evolution isn’t true. After all, we don’t really know the whole story on the earth, who knows! god coulda did it and then created evolution! Think about that? D: Me either.

Answer #4

All my best friends are Christians… and my current potential girlfriend… and my father is a Christian Minister, with (2) PhD’s & (2) Masters. Funny thing is… we AGREE on virtually EVERYTHING regarding religion.

Hmmm… I wonder where my total intolerace of ignorance came from…?

Answer #5

The smartest physicist and computer scientist I ever met is a devout Christian. This guy is so smart it is scary.

I don’t consider someone an idiot because they are Christian; I might put them in that category if they say something really stupid though.

Answer #6

But the thing is some atheists don’t just say “I don’t believe in God” they take it further and call people who do stupid. Surely it’s ok to find this offensive.

If I said “atheism is stupid” (which I wouldn’t everyone has their own beliefs) then they’d find it offensive, but I’ve never seen a christian call an atheist stupid.

Answer #7

Debates are arguments you do know that right?

Example: You’re arguing that your side of the story is correct and the others are wrong. :P

Answer #8

Yes, but a debate can be done with no problems, no personal insults, and intelligently. While the arguments that I’m speaking on here - are not.

Answer #9

Ouch Kal, that was harsh :( Although I wasn’t saying anything about “I think the world is 6000 years old.” When is the earths birthday by the way? :)

Answer #10

It’s not an argument - there is a difference between an argument and a debate. You can talk about things and debate them with out getting into an argument. None of this has gotten personal or resulted in childish name calling so it’s not an argument.

Answer #11

O_o never really met an atheist fanatic… so I wouldnt know… but I’ve seen only ever questions about god and how great he I on here… not the reverse…

Answer #12

as long as the religious fanatics dont stop trying to inject others with their belief the fight wont stop…

Answer #13

I just said some people say that, I’m not referring to anyone specific or any specific facts. I believe the wold is more than 6,000 years old.

Answer #14

O.o meet my uncle, he’s… wow. But yeah, this is just ONE site ya know? Who knows whats out there :P

Answer #15

I think it’s sad really - beacuse I have friends of all different religions (Athiest, Agnostic, Christian, Satanist, Wiccan’s, Buddhist, etc) and we can all sit around and talk about these things without getting upset, without getting personal, and without being rude to each other. We all respect each other and it’s not a problem - that never happens on here.

People often seemed shocked when they find out that my fiance is a Christian and very committed Christian at that. We have no problems talking about things with each other either.

Answer #16

When did I call someone an idiot for not believing in evolution? I never said that.

I said it bugs me when they say the earth is only 6,000 years old when we KNOW for a fact that it’s older.

Also, someone could say Athiesm is stupid all the wanted - I dont know anyone that would get offended, they would just shrug them off. If you are strong in your beliefs it shouldn’t matter what someone else says.

Answer #17


I’m assuming you were talking about my fiance since I am the one who said he was a committed christian.

What does it matter if somene does drugs or not - that does not change their committment to God or their religion. Laws (such as drug laws) were made by man - not God. I would also like you to leave my fiance and his habits out of this conversation as it is none of your business and has nothing to do with this post.

Answer #18

That’s not bashing at all. It seems we have different ideas on this.

Fact: The earth is more than 6,000 years old and can be proven.

Someone not believing that and arguing with me about it - is hard headed and refusing to believe facts.

That is in no way bashing a person what so ever. If I told them they were stupid for believing in god - that would be bashing - but I would never say that to a person - since I am married to a person who is a Christian and I respect him and would never say something like that to him either.

Answer #19

Both groups are at fault - there’s no doubt about that.

The reason they are at war - is because no matter what - you can’t change someone’s beliefs and people are hard headed and refuse to believe what is right in front of them.

The only time I ever say anything is when someone talks about the bible for one - and I just point out the facts (like how it says the earth is only 6,000 years old) and how wrong they are. What bugs me is when they want to call scientist crack heads and ignore FACTS - we know the earth is WAY older.

I also dont like when someone pushes a religion down other’s throats. I’ve said many times that I think people believing in God is great and it’s their own personal choice. I do not like them telling me I am going to tell, that my judgement day is coming, etc.

I try and respect their religion and I expect the same thing back.

Answer #20

I preserve the right to call anyone an idiot who thinks the earth is 6000 years old… I even preserve the right to kick them in the shins for telling me im wrong and it is that “young”

id accept it if it was a 10 year old saying that but a 15 year old? 16? 25? no they’re just plain dumb, heck if they had had the brains theyd have listened a bit in science class and viola! they would be 10 times smarter than the rest of their friends

Answer #21

My personal feeling - I get discouraged when some christians push god on me all the time, then try to make me feel stupid or unworthy because I don’t believe.

I would never bash anyone’s religion or tell them that it’s wrong, but I have the right to my own belief without someone else telling me I’m wrong.

I do my best to ignore it most of the time. It’s only when others start judging my religion when they have absolutely no idea what my religion is about, that I get irritated. For the record, I’m an Atheist Buddhist.

Answer #22

This is just an observation and my opinion.

You can’t be a very committed Christian and use illegal drugs.

Answer #23

“wow, spartan512 predicted an argument”

That’s something we ALL can agree on, lol :)

Answer #24

It’s roleplaying, like you rub your chin in real life? :P yeah.

Answer #25

sorry, I must sound really really slow (I am) but I still don’t understand???

Answer #26

Touche. :P

Answer #27

Witty response alkane. rubs chin

Answer #28

wow, spartan512 predicted an argument

heee heee =>

Answer #29

sorry, I’ve never heard rubs chin before, what does it mean?

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