Atheist or Christian

My friend on here that I’m talking to in Fun Mail told me I should believe in God or she won’t talk to me ever again. From the way she’s talking to me,she doesn’t want to accept me as an Atheist,what should I do?

Answer #1

Let her gooo … I am sure at the 200, 300th time she sets an ultimatum like this online, she would wake up and see she’s selfish and disrespectful to others!

Can’t help but to wonder, what would have happened if you have set this same ultimatum to her???

Would she have dropped you or changed her ways?

Answer #2

shes stubborn and wont change she doesnt respect your beleifs so why respect hers? if she cant respect you she doesnt deserve your respect and if she wont talk to you just because you dont beleive in her god then shes not really worth having as a friend

Answer #3

you tell her to get a life and leave you alone if thats how she feels… one should never judge another on their beliefs and customs… she sounds like a real nerdy judgemental person to me…you shouldnt take that. friends would never do that to 1 another

Answer #4

omg that is soo messed up I also believe in god… but can you try to believe in god I mean give it a chance you dont have to if you dont want but I think its good…good luck and about your friend just try talking to her about that in person or over the phone!!! good luck with that and take care!!!

Answer #5

im pretty sure she’s trying to help you, and wants you to believe and be saved, but thats not the way to do it because the bible says through the goodness of God men come to repentance. So just love her, and be her friend, and if she refuses too, it’s not your problem.

Answer #6

my friend and I are athiest and another “friend” of ours doesnt except that and we just told her to leave us alone and we never talk to her anymore.TELL your FRIEND THAT SHE OR HE SUCKS

Answer #7

tell her God wouldnt do that who is she to judge, shes a hypocrite… who needs to learn a lil more about her faith before she judges other people im a christain, and if I knew her I wouldnt be her friend…

Answer #8

Is it really worth 1 person to get all worked up about it? She has CGGP, and thats all there is to it. You can’t force her to talk to you.

Answer #9

I think that is messed up I believe in god and I would never done that to a friend that is messed up uuuhhh… that makes me angreee I think god wants us to have free will

Answer #10

LET THAT B** GO!!! If she can’t accept you,don’t change yourself for her sake. That’s just wasting your time. So move on. My friends’ parents are like that to me,because I was Satanic.*

Answer #11

She must be a young Christian and not understanding what being a Christian is all about. Her faith is still weak to be saying something like that.

Answer #12

that’s really messed up.. whatever you choose to believe in is you business and if she can’t accept that then FORGET HER. :D

Answer #13

She is obviously not a true Christian. You need to drop kick her to the side. I would never do that to one of my friends. & I have many friends with various faiths. That is not what Christianity is about. The girl has been brain-washed by the stereo-typical christian mentality. That if your aren’t a Christian then I can’t be your friend or or can’t deal with by any means. Then if thats true…it defeats the objective to spread the gospel. Yeah. drop her.

Answer #14

hey buddy omg I cant believe she said that to you I know we were just funmailing about this kinda thing going on in your home and I told you that I believed in god but I thought it is wrng for people to treat others who dont believe in him wrong and if you can deal with it in your home im sure you can deal with it over the internet…I agree with some of the others for you to try it other wise dont worry…goodluck

Answer #15

shes not a friend if she wont accept you how you r

Answer #16

Dude if she was a friend she would accept you as an atheist

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