Are there any other countries that have freedom of religion and/or speech besides the US?

Answer #1

Well…Canada, for one…lol

Answer #2

Most of Europe also has freedom of religion and speech, Australia, parts of Asia, Russia, Canada, parts of Africa.

Answer #3

Also forgot parts of South America and parts of Mexico.

Answer #4

Well then why do people say the US is the only free country, and that’s why it’s so good? :l

Answer #5

Europe has, South Africa has, Canada has, I’m not sure about the South American countries, but I would believe that some of them also has.

Answer #6

New Zealand and Australia!

Answer #7

we have freedom of religion, speech, the press, limitations on what gets censored, freedom to protest. Generally, there’s a lot more freedom provided here in comparison to 3rd world countries.

Answer #8

South Africa has all that as well, all though government isn’t crazy about it. :P. Just pointing out.

Answer #9

Freedom of speech isn’t absolute anywhere. For example, in the US: slander, libel, speech that creates a public hazard like yelling “Fire!” in a crowded movie house, speech that discloses government classified information and speech deemed pornographic are all examples of kinds of speech that are not protected. During times of war even more restrictions are enforced.

There are other countries that have similar free speech rights as the US though not all have it guaranteed by a constitution. Some countries have particular restrictions like Germany where it is illegal to deny the Holocaust and many countries ban hate speech or blasphemy.

Freedom of religion is variable. Germany for example considers the Church of Scientology to be a cult therefore it enjoys no legal recognition.. In some Islamic theocracies converting from Islam to another religions is a crime punishable by death. Most modern western secular governments do recognize the rights of all religions though in the US some groups wish to limit where Mosques can be built.

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Answer #11

I was thinking in comparison to my country, Colombia… Last time anyone tried to protest, well, they died, lol.

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