Are you getting tired of US election news in your country?

A gentleman on here from New Zealand recently posted some questions about the US election process, brought on partly because he’s been hearing a lot about it on the news.

That got me thinking, because I visit the BBC website a lot and I notice they also have lots of US election coverage. Many British responses say they are sick to death of hearing about all the US primaries when the final election is still months away, imploring the BBC to focus on British news.

So my question, is your country’s news flooded by coverage of the US primaries, and if so do you find it interesting or are you sick of hearing it all? I’m asking out of curiosity, not because I feel all people worldwide must pay attention to US politics (sometimes I’d rather they didn’t).

Answer #1

Campaigns used to start 1 year from election - this one started 2 years ahead !! - definitely tooo long !!

Answer #2

Canadian news is flooded by the US election coverage but lets face it, it’s important. This is one of the first times I’ve really paid attention. I am so impressed with Obama.

The outcome of these primaries has a huge global effect.

Answer #3

Im Irish and our news is flooded too. I don’t mind though im really interested in this election. The next leader of the U.S.A is important to the whole world. I mean like come’on you guys are America. The most powerful country in the world. Whatever happens with you guys effects the whole world and whoevers going to be in power next year will be over all of that.

Answer #4

While our news is flooded by this coverage, it’s not one that an american should be sick of. Afterall, we’re selecting the next leader of our country. It doesn’t interest many folks of other countries because the results of the election doesn’t primarly affect them. That being said, those who watch the coverage do so at their own free will.

Answer #5

I live in the UK, Wales, and we got a lot of news about the US elections, but it’s pretty limited, for example, it’s essentially about Clinton or Obama. We don’t get much on the Republican side of things!

But I’m doing American Government and Politics so I find it super interesting, especially how it’s portrayed, “Will you vote for Hilliary because she’s a woman or Barack because he’s black?”

Personally, I think it must be much harder living in the US and coping with the elections :) they seem pretty inescapable!

Answer #6

ha thats funny, I hear nothing about anyone elses election outside the U.S.

Answer #7

Oh trust me, people always manage to ignore them someway.

Answer #8


Sorry, I meant the question for people living outside the United States. I fully expect Americans to pay attention to the primaries, and vote in them.

Answer #9

Hmm I know its all over our news, and no… people dont want to see another Bush, so we keep an eye out to make sure, because this does have a global impact…

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