Freedom of speech

Do we have it anymore? Too many things are forbidden to be said, I feel all I can talk about is the weather without offending somebody, and getting $hit about it, but wait, maybe there’s a group of 5 people somewhere in the country that worships the weather, and will be offended if I speak of it’s name!! I got a little bit carried away there lol. But ya, what do y’all think, is freedom of speech free when you have to speak by 1000 rules?

Answer #1

Still waiting for a case won by someone who sued someone else simply for having an opinion… (I.e. actual evidence?)

Answer #2

Oh no, there is plenty of freedom of speech. People can spew their hatred and bigotry, their intolerance all they want. Others also have the right to call them on it. That is the beauty of freedom of speech. It goes both ways. Freelance, please do tell of these many law cases where people have been sued simply for speaking their minds? (without having their actions actually cause anyone harm). Or was it just a thought in your head?

Answer #3

There is a simple way to look at a person’s individual rights. YOUR rights end at the tip of MY nose. In other words, you can pretty much do what ever you want as long as it doesn’t violate someone elses rights. At least that is the way it should be. But some people want to legislate their morals onto others. Like not allowing to consenting adults to marry each other. That is a clear violation of an indviduals rights.

Answer #4

Freedom of speech is a legal right. However, it is social mores that dictate what speech is acceptable to society. That is always changing. Some people don’t like that society finds some speech as unacceptable, and then claim their freedom of speech is being violated. That is wrong. As melovesyou said, you pretty much have the right to say what ever you want (as long as it doesn’t endanger someone, ie. yelling fire in a crowded theater), but people don’t have to accept it and have every right to call you on it, and exercise their freedom of speech. And if saying racist things on the job gets you fired, that is the boss’s perogative.

Answer #5

“people have been fired for saying things mildly racist”

what do you consider “mildly” racist?

Answer #6

Whatever it is, career, social, or legal punishment, people are becoming more and more afraid of speaking their mind.

Answer #7

I detest the ‘political correct’ establishment. I am going to call the ‘rain forest’ JUNGLE!!! people are getting far too sensitive these days, I am not offended by most anything anyone says about me- they will get it returned in spades. as long as it is not something blatantly vulgar, and full of obscenities- I believe we should all be able to speak our minds- after all that is what this nation was founded on- and lots of people have died to preserve that right.

Answer #8

Good point - freedom of speech is most definitely decreasing - thought / intention police on the rise - many things are changing these days and not for the better !

Answer #9

Yeah freedom of speech is there without people like it or not. I sure as hell say whatever the f*ck I want. Looks like you do too and you shouldn’t let the people who get butt hurt about it stop you from saying anything. GO YOU!!!

Answer #10

Well judging by your last question - yes we have freedom of speech, but you have to realize that goes both ways. You can say what you want - no matter how hate filled, ignorant, or childish it may be, but you have to realize that other people can come back at you and call you out on it.

Answer #11

Oh yea, what about all those times people sued shows and individuals with strong messages like Eminem and South Park for example. Somebody got offended and actually got to prosecute.

Answer #12

I don’t think that it only goes that far as to offend someone, people have been fired for saying things mildly racist.

Answer #13

lol, is there a reason you’re changing the subject? perhaps because you dont have evidence and are simply making things up?

imagining things doesnt make them real…

and btw, you can file a counter suit when someone files a false suit… see the system does occasionally work…

Answer #14

I don’t know, but they should make a law to be able to sue someone for suing you for it, for wasting your time.

Answer #15

I see, I just had the thought in my head that some people have been sued over speaking their mind and stuff like that.

Answer #16

Yes, but that doesn’t mean you have the freedom to say it. That’s professionalism- obviously your boss isn’t going to want you to be racist to your clients, and if doing so is going to ruin their business, they’re going to fire you. My point is, you’re not being arrested, so you do have the freedom, legally. If it upsets the person to be fired for that, they should try suing the company. Its not an issue of freedom of speech, its more of a respect thing.

Answer #17

Yes, we have freedom of speech. Think of it this way- will you get arrested for speaking your mind? NO. Just because other people get upset about it, doesn’t mean you can’t still say it. If you get worried that you will offend someone, that’s your problem.

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