Why is our freedom of speech limited in certain confinements?

So I know that the first ammedment gives us freedom of speech .. But why is this right limited while we are on school grounds I dont find it fair that just because we are standing in a certain area .. We loose our rights???

Answer #1

Freedon of speech does not mean freedom of speech anywhere you feel like it. When you attend school you have to follow rules, just as you do in a job. An employer has a right to dictate what is allowable behavior while at work. They do not have to let you say anything you want while at work. Nor can you walk into a private business, like a store, and begin preaching your views unless the owner allows it. It is no different with a school. They cannot stop you from saying what ever you want in public, and they cannot retaliate against you for what you say. But while on school property, they set the rules. It may seem unfair, but you only option is not to attend school.

clawjaw, there is a difference between what is accptable by society (or politically correct as you put it) and what is legal. Your example of a black board is really over the top, and I am sure it is not true. But even if it was, it is not a law that says you can’t say blackboard, it is the mores of society. It used to be somewhat acceptable to use the N-word in some pleaces, but it has never been illegal to use it. Does that mean we as a society should not speak out when we hear such hateful speech?

Answer #2

you are not allowed to exercise your right if it violates the rights of others, That is the principle of freedom of expression (in the South African constitution at least)

Answer #3

Interesting question, well lets break it down the first amendment is as follows:

‘’Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances ‘’

Now question is, Just how free is free? Yes you can in fact say something in a classroom that is basically interpreted as rude or obscene. With that being said, there are consequences for saying such things. Keep a key note in mind, you can say these things, but you will be held accountable for the punishment that comes along with them. That is you can say whatever you want but you will get in trouble for it. This doesn’t go against the first amendment because its a punishment, it doesn’t interfere with the act. Its basically showing you right from wrong and can be kept under legal interpretation. As for school ‘’limiting’’ your freedom of speech, I don’t find that exactly right. They basically tell you such words are not allowed, what they mean by that is those words aren’t part of a healthy vocabulary. Its almost like teaching you manners on a subconscious level.

If schools didn’t ‘’limit’’ the words kids were allowed to use, then profanity would be slipping out of their mouths like nothing. Not to mention how many racist terms are found in such unhealthy vocabulary.

Answer #4

do you mena like that we are allowed to call a white board a white board but we cant call a black board a black board?

if yes, then I do think its bang out of order: we cant call a black board black because its black yet everyone else can call it white shrugs wrtf is that all about?

  • we can now not call the bla bla black sheep song black sheep, it has to be white sheep shrugs again I dont understand it at all :S

political correctness is just truely wrong!!

Answer #5

its some thing about respect if you mean like cussing well that can cause problems for some people lots of people at school have very firey attitudes and teachers dont find it respectful but if you mean why do we have to sit arround and listen to a boring teacher talk and then when they disrespect you you cant say nothing about it(its cause they know your afraid to say anything cause some students dont want trouble with their parents)

Answer #6

We have no rights because the government can take our rights away. By the school suspending us for questioning their authority takes our freedom of speech. F the authority. *

You obviously don’t understand the meaning of free speech. See my response above. Schools, just like places of employment, are allowed to dictate what is considered proper speech.

Answer #7

We have no rights because the government can take our rights away. By the school suspending us for questioning their authority takes our freedom of speech. F* the authority.

Answer #8

It isn’t fair, and it isn’t Constitutional. Get used to it. We are living in a post-Constitutional US.

Answer #9

ok… but were not working??? so why are we treated like employees … went we’re not!!?

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