How do I talk my mom into letting me get an industrial piercing?

I really want to get an industrial but my mom always says let me think about it. I just turned 15 and I already have my eyebrow and nose pierced and I said I would pay for it myself but I just can seem to get her to make up her mind so how could I talk her into saying yes?

Answer #1

hey there, I have an industrial, my tongue, my belly and my ears done twice and am about to get my first tatoo. if you already have your eyebrow and nose done you can tell her about the fact that your eyebrow can drop, and your nose in wayyy more likely to get infected. You can also print off some info on the net (BUT HAVE THIS VERIFIED WITH YOUR PIERCER, as barely all the right stuff is on the net), and then let her know you know about aftercare, and all that jazz. good luck!

Answer #2

ok so you try to beg her and say but all my friends have it or you can just be good and mabey shell let you hope these have helped

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