Commiting suicide

Why does people think about doing this ?

Answer #1

Because when they are put in the worse of positions and feel completely helpless..then yes they see this as a last resort or even a quick way out as what they would see it…Have you heard the term “Oh I just want lye down and die”???

Well yeah this is what they want to do in their worse of situations…exit the world unnoticed…probably like they were living on earth..going unnoticed

Pretty sad really…but don’t base this on everyone…Just my thoughts Another interesting topic is when Religion coincides with this and the person involved???

What do you think about the theories behind Suicide and religion???

I’m Roman Catholic…so yeah get my drift???


Answer #2

little problems joining on to one person. my best friend did it. I got depressed it was the worst thing ever. he had everything, good friends, school, money, a crush on my sister… the thing was that the kind of person he was was that guy who jokes around his death… “cool! I guess everyone hates me! I’m just gonna go and kill myself!” we all know he was joking and if he seriously was he would be serious. his family never approved of him and never made him welcome. I loved him a lot and I wished he didn’t do it but he had a harsh life and now his sorrows are gone.

Answer #3

People commit suicide because of an overwhelming problem or situation.

Answer #4







Well those were the reasons why I tried to commit suicide.

I am a Christian too thats what made it very hard for me.

I kind of knew in the back of my head that commiting suicide would mean a one way ticket to hell. And I’m not willing to trade places from one hell to another.

So yeah I opted to cut myself a lot.There was too much numbness.I couldn’t really feel the pain and even when I could I told myself I deserved it.

It was a struggle…I wasn’t just depressed I was disturbed.

When you build up so much anger and hide it with a smile,good manners and politeness your soul rots..and it shapes the person you become…and I realized that not only was I suicidal but very capable of hurting people who hurt me.

I stopped being suicidal the day my husband told me he’d kill himself too.

I think for the first time in my life I saw my life from other people’s point of view.

What about my mother,father,husband,…what if I had a daughter or a son…what if were them?

NO WAY am I gonna kill myself…if somebody I loved did that it would break my hearts to pieces…so I’m not gonna do it either

Answer #5

I tried suicide 3 times when I was addicted to heroin, and all I did in this world was ruining for people around me. When I was using these drugs, injecting them and all that, all I actually was doing was committing a kind of slow suicide, so I thought it was better to pull my finger out and get out of everyoes way.

Luckily I didn’t manage (I tried by injecting HUGE doses of Heroin), and today I’m very happy that I didn’t manage.

Answer #6

“why DO people think of this” uh there could be many reasons why

Answer #7

I’ve tried to commit suicide dozzens of times

been sectioned to stop me killing myself 4 times

im only 21

I attempted suicide first at 12.. theres times I think “give up rach its never gonna work” ii dont hate my life I hate who I am.. people who call me a coward because I try to end my life and call me weak because I cant stick it out I wish they only knew that its not livng my life thats hard, its being me thats hardest.

when I get to the stage were im about to OD or cut open my wrists I find it hard to succeed in it because I know theres so much more to life than I think.. but I cant change who I am inside or how I feel.. and thats my only demon.. my only reason for wanting to be gone from this world.. im head strong and deal with lifes battles head on - but dealing with my inner self is so much more harder…

Answer #8

People cope differently with problems. Sometimes problems can seem so large, or a person is so unhappy, that they feel the only way out is to end their life. Unfortunately depression has a tendency to cut you off from the world and feel like you are alone etc. This can cause you to feel worthless and that everything would be better if you were not around.

The truth of the matter is that in many cases, problems will improve and maybe fairly soon. The best thing anyone who feels this way can do is talk to someone about it. Counsellors/ doctors and telephone helplines such as the Samaritans are all there if someone can’t talk to or has no family and friends they feel they can share their feelings with.

Answer #9

‘It takes real balls to off yourself’? It takes a bigger person to suck it up and deal with their problems like everyone else has to. There’s ALWAYS someone who has it worse.

Answer #10

They do it because they think it’s the only way out of their problems like I love music said… It doesn’t seem reasonable to me, but heck, that’s their issue.

Answer #11

I seriously hate it when people call suicidal people cowards… It takes real balls to off yourself.

Answer #12

-Stress in life -Stressful home-life -Not doing good in school -No help at all in anything

The list goes on,it’s sad to add on.

Answer #13

I agree completely, moe.

Giving up is the easy part. Continuing on and fighting for your life takes courage.

Answer #14

Because they aren’t thinking clearly because of a mental illness or disorder. Or, because they are selfish cowards.

Answer #15

I’ve thought of it, heck I’ve tried it…people see ti as an escape when they have nothing else and no one else

Answer #16

some people think it’s the only way out of all their problems I guess.

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