What will happen to my friend, he tried to commit Suicide?

My friend just tried to commit suicide, but the police came before he actually could and took him away. I was standing across the street and I was wondering, what might happen to him? Please. I need to know your opinion Thank you.

Answer #1

They take him to be medically evaluated - obviously he’s in trouble - help him get help - support him and let him know you’ll be there for him when needed and pray for him…I wish both of you the best !!

Answer #2

they wont put him in prison …I attemped suicide when I was 12 and all they do is put you in a psych hospital ask you a bunch of questions send you home when they think your ready and set up a counseling appt for you (atleast thats how it is in my state

Answer #3

They would make him see a therapist of some sort, to try and cure the state that he’s in.

Answer #4

They’ll probably take him to the psych ward, usually on a 72 hour hold. From there they decide if he needs inpatient care or outpatient. Psych wards are scary places, usually have visiting hours, try to go see him…

Answer #5

best thing to do is first let him know you love him a lot and it would break your heart to know he was gone. hang out with him A LOT and make sure you hve your phone ‘cause a lot of people that try to commit suicide just want to talk and dont talk about suicide if this happens.

Answer #6

get help be there for him. If he tried killing himself once he(trully tried killing himself) then he will more than likley try again. Make sure he’s not left alone to be b himslef. Make sure smoe one is always with him. Try talking to him, asking him why.It’s not as hard as you may think, but it’s not easy either trying to help suicidal people, but it can be done. I’ve stopped 3 just from simply talking to them. But if you have doubts you must seek help. I suggiest seeking help whether you think you can or can’t help him anyways really.

Answer #7

Well they will hold in prison or a psychiatric ward for a while and he might get a charge but im not sure what will exactly happen. I’m sorry about that though my friend tried to kill himself on thursday almost succeeded too

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