How should I tell my girlfriend that I almost commited suicide?

Me and this girl have been dating for awhile. I really like her.Heres the story. Me and my friend of 6 years are in a big fight. Her Boyfriend doesn’t like me so he told her not to talk to me. She started to call me names and crap. She told me to go f%$# off and die. He challenged me to a fight, I agreed to fight him. My girlfriend said its a bad idea. She got mad at me for awhile. On the friday the fight was going to happen, I got checked out of school because of a family emergency. He messaged me on a social site and said “Dude your a f%&#ing p^$$y,u didnt show, your a$$ is getting jumped.”I told him that I had a family emergency. He didnt believe me. My best friend messaged him and told him that I did. Im going to keep it private. He told me to be there monday and I Said I would. He left his a social site open a day before the fight, and his parents saw it.They contacted the school and told them there was going to be a fight at a park by school. They called us both down and sent me home early. Hes telling everyone that I am a p#$%Y

I than found out that 2 of my friends were using me. They finnaly came clean about it. One night I just felt really sad and cried my eyes out. My rents keeped me home from school. for the past 3 weeks. I told my girlfriend that I was feeling sad and that im going to take break from the drama in my life. She told me that she hopes that I get better. Last Wednsday,I felt really low and tried to kill myself. my dad walked in and saw that I was trying to kill myself and he cut the rope and told my mom to call 911. I kept screaming just let me die, I dont want to go through this anymore. they got to my house and went to my room. they got me a strecher. I was fighting to not be but on there, but they got me on. people were looking at me being put in the car, and I screamed what the hell you looking at. I just got out yesterday. My girlfriend texted me a lot and asked why I didnt answer her texts. I love her, I want to be with her forever,How should I tell her that I almost killed myself?
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yeah, I agree with phrannie

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you should tell her straight out, maybe go out for a meal or go to a park or something. make sure youre alone and tell her exactly what you said on here, if she loves you she will understand. She could be just the person to get you out of this mess, but dont rely on her too much or she might get scared away!!!

but next time you ever feel like this (which I really hope you dont but…) just remember what you said at the end of the note…”I love her, I want to be with her forever,” killing yourself wont allow that to happen. and it that doesnt work, talk to someone about your problems, either to a close friend or someone else, talking usually makes people see things in a different light. im here if you ever want a chat! :)

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Please try this…think back to a year ago…what were you doing then? Would you have to admit that the things that were bothering you then, are not the same things that are bothering you now? That this girl you care about, didn’t even enter your mind a year ago?

Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem…a year from now, all this crap will be behind you…and will bring with it, new things in your life…new people, new problems (all of which can be overcome).

There are few things in life that are guarenteed…however ‘this too shall pass’ is a guarentee…nothing (and I mean NOTHING) … the good or the bad are permanent in any life. Please think of this the next time it feels like what you’re going thru will never end…You will be fine, because YOU know, that the problem is only temporary.

My advice about telling your grilfriend? I’d hold off until I was absolutely…completely sure, that she can be trusted with this intimate confession…

grannie phrannie

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Dude, if you EVER have thoughts of hurtin urself in anyway talk to someone. I know its tough to talk to frnds abt this kinda stuff but you have frnds here to talk to anytime, think about it. your girlfrnd mite be mad you didnt talk to her so maybe you shouldnt. ul make a lot more frnds you can trust in the future just learn from it.


Answer #5

Well first of all I feel bad for you, I know how you feel. Well take her out one day, for a walk a meal or something. Tell her the whole story, that shit was going on in your life and it was so hard for you, and you had a break down didn’t know what to do and tried killing youself but mention that your glad you didn’t because than you wouldn’t be able to be there with her, tell her you love her and are terribly sorry for everything. I know she’ll understand, (yn) good luck, tell me what happens after :)

Answer #6

just dont ever try to kill yourself again, because thats life, life is hard at moments. You’ll have the hardest times and won’t know what to do and will just wanna escape it all and killing you self isnt a good way, trust me. just go for a walk, take deep breathes or something get past all the shit in your life, because theres more important things waiting for you in the furture. p.s if you girlfriend is still mad at you than shes not the one, she should be albe to understand.

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