can people really get high over cig smoke?

can people really get high over cig smoke? my friend said she did but I dont believe it…

Answer #1

no they cant. but when someone becomes addicted to cigarrettes when they smoke one it in some way gives them such relief I guess you could say its like a high. like a feeling of (ahhh) relief.

Answer #2

If you are in a confined area - like a car with windows up - the smoke can make you slightly dizzy if you are not a smoker. I would imaging that it is more oxygen deprivation than an actual high.

If you are a new smoker or you stopped for a while (e.g. a month) the first drag of the cigarette will definitely get your head spinning. I can attest to that. Twice. I’m sure I would have that again if I had a cigarette now. (It’s been 28 years without.) (New smokers don’t notice it too much because they are too busy trying to cough up a lung.)

If you are not a smoker, stay away. It’s an expensive and dirty habit.

Take Care, and Good Luck!!

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