Can you get high off of second hand smoke?

I was in the car with my friend and her mom started smoking. I think it stinks really really bad so I was holding my breathe but then I couldn’t hold it anymore and took a deep breathe then I felt kind of drunk or dizzy or somfin

Answer #1

my aunt smokes and it feels like im high and stuff but I dont think it effectz you or anythin

Answer #2

She should not be smoking anything in front of you. You are not her child. Weed gives a contact high and cigarrette smoke can make you sick.

Answer #3

Yeah you can. You might have felt drunk/dizzy because you were holding your breath. Next time just say that you have asthma, or allergies, and that smoking affects them.

Answer #4


Answer #5

ya what she said basically anythin you cood get hi off by smokin you can get hi of from 2nd hand smoke

Answer #6

if your talkin about smokin weed then yes. but only if you actually inhale it..

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