Is it possible to not get high your first time smoking pot?

Is it possible to not get high your first time smoking pot? Because I took 3 hits and didn’t feel much different. What should you feel like when you’re high?

Answer #1

Yes its possible. You can get high with 3 hits though, well depending on the bud. you probably got weak stuff. Anywho make sure you take bomb hits, & always remember to inhale&hold it in !! When your high you feel like your in a whole different world. Everything is different & everything is better.

Answer #2

you shouldnt smoke pot. its bad for you. today at school we saw a video of how people looked like before and after they had pot/cocaine/weed and they looked HORRIBLE!!!

Answer #3

most people dont get high their first time. but 3-4 hits wont do much you need to smoke more, try a bong those work nice make sure your inhaling correctly lol. once you start to get loopy as in giggily, muchies, zoning out, youll know

Answer #4

I think it affects everyone differently, it never really did much for me. I don;t think that you should try to force it on yourself by trying it different ways, if you didn’t like it, you probably never will. It stinks too! stick with booze, their legal.

Answer #5

Very possible. I was the same way, and I tried multiple hits several times - back in the day. I do not know if you can build an appreciation for pot, I never did, and since one could go to jail for smoking it (even back in the ‘70s), my thought was, “What was the point in doing it?”

The people that say, “This is the greatest thing ever!” on their first try, are going to be the ones who get addicted. (Yes, pot is addictive - physically addictive - if you have the right genetics that gives your brain the chemical receptors for THC.)

So my guess is that you probably will not enjoy pot that much, and you probably will never get addicted to it.

Good Luck!!

Answer #6

you feel high . rofl

Answer #7

& your probly need more then just hits probly a blunt or 4 rofl .

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