Can smoking get you high

Can smoking get you high cause I started smoking the other day and felt really relaxed in a weird way for bout 10 mins after

Answer #1

Nicotine is certainly a drug. It has a number of physiological effects. Smokers sometimes feel euphoric from smoking tobacco. It is also highly addictive. Some heroin addicts have said that quitting cigarettes was harder than getting off heroin.

Answer #2

nicotine in the blood stream makes you calmer, in the beginning I advise you quit while your ahead…>_> this is advise coming from someone who smoke 2 packets a day and has been for 5 years…

Answer #3

No they can kinda calm you tho

Answer #4

No, it can calm you though, but it’s not a “high”

Answer #5

started smoking fags now not weed or anything else

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