Can I get second-hand high from lots of people smoking weed?

So on new years eve I was at a party where there was a lot of weed being smoked; I didn’t smoke any, although I usually do. There were few places I could stand without smelling weed or being in a small cloud of smoke. I was quuite a bit tipsy and I remember being dizzy, and my friend told me that I kept touching my forehead and doing stuff that I don’t remember. And then I was outside and I remember feeling high and my friend was laughing at me and saying I was second-hand high, and I was wondering if that actually happens? I just remember being really chill and laughing it off when cops came..

Answer #1

the more you do it the more you want it and get adiicted to it!…

actually you cant get addicted to weed. its only a plant. look it up, its a proven fact…and yes it can happen

Answer #2

It can happen, but in the levels you’re talking about, I would guess that it was just your tipsiness edging over into drunk.

Answer #3

I noticed you said that you usually smoked weed- if thats the case you would know if you were high, even if you were a little drunk. and yes - its very possible to get a contact buzz. dont listen to littlecoco and inlovewithhim - made your own decisions. you have one life so live on it. if you dont wanna get high, dont get high. if you wanna get high, go for it just be responsible. I would not recommend smoking it every day, trust me - after 5 years of it being a daily hobby, it becomes harder to remember some past events correctly, and sometimes I even stutter. it is impossible to being physically addicted to marijuana, only psychologically. I wouldnt recommend letting that happen either hun.

good lck.

Answer #4

WEED! kills u , and is bad for u! whats the point where is it gunna take you in life! the more you do it the more you want it and get adiicted to it! dont do it! your risking you and family friends your own life! live life at the highest! but not getting high from a DRUG!! trust me I know! and I already had to family members that died form doing drugs for only a year! sooo DONOTT DO DRUGS! but its your life and its your future! GOODLUCK HOPE YOU MAKE THE RITE DECISIONNNSSS! :]

Answer #5

hell yeah…u probably weren’t mb high,but you were a little effed up…lol…good for you!

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