Why do people call jig saw a killer?

Why do people call jig saw a killer they should call him a hero why because in saw 5 he kidnapped lawyers that only cared about then self and in saw 6 witch im watching again people that only care about then self and help then self ad not other people I think he a hero and should get a reward he even killed a inmate that killed whats his face sister im I right or im I right :d why isnt there in real life a true hero like jig saw he a true master,a master piece,and a hero from young and old.

Answer #1

You are truely sick. He’s a murderer. You say you want more murderers… do you? Sicko

Answer #2

The people who were set up to the games, had taken life for granted and did bad things in the past, Jigsaw doesn’t kill them. He give’s them a chance to live and make them realise how much they really want to live.

Answer #3

ARE YOU CRAZY ! wtf … jigsaw SET OUT to KILL these people ¬¬ And wth anyways its only a movie ¬¬

Answer #4


Answer #5

Copy and paste that from google ?

Answer #6

because he set these people up so they either had to go through terrible things or die thats why!

Answer #7

Are you serious???

Answer #8

they call him a killer, because he is a killer.

so if I look at it from your point of view:

this dog bit me!, I mean I was kicking it for 30 minutes before, so it needs to be put down, its a vicious dog!

you have to be an internet troll, nobody would view characters in that movie this way, unless they have an IQ of 37 and are somehow their grandmother’s virgin mother.

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