How to get people to stop calling me a goody 2 shoes?

everyone at school calls me a goddy 2 shoes and I hate it becuause really why I am obiediant is bc I am shy but sometimes I get really angry when they call me things like goody 2 shoe but relly I am a semi dark person inside who once was rebelious and wants to be again how do I convince them that I really am who I am like at home?

Answer #1

…well, get in trouble a little. Nothing too bad, since you don’t want to get expelled. Just show up tardy occasionally, etc. and do detention once in a while like most everyone else. Sneak a little alcohol with your friends, or try a smoke - not enough to really do anything, just enough to let them know you’re one of the gang.

Answer #2

Just be yourself - and if people don’t like who you are then don’t pay attention to them. They probley call you that because you are smart, and personally… I’d rather be smart then pretend to be someone I’m not.

Answer #3

forget them you dont have to prove yourself to anyone for any reasonok.dont pay attention.

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