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Can I move out of state?

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I am currently going thru a divorce and I am fighting for full custody. Currently I have physical custody and we have joint legal custody. I had my husband evicted from our home and he caused over $11000 worth of damage and the home is not livable because of the damage and the mold. I am having the home cleaned and sanitized and hopefully in a couple of months my daughter and I will be able to move back in. Currently my husband is not economically stable, mentally stable, and he put my child's health in risk by living in a home where mold is growing - he was aware of the mold just too lazy to do anything about it. Anyway, my question is if I do get full custody of my child and if I have an opportunity to advance at work but it requires to moving out of state, will I be able too? I know currently I can not, but if granted full custody would it be possible? I would not transfer unless it is an advancement in my current position. He does not pay child support or any type of support and I am supporting my child, I carry the health benefits, pay for schooling and all activities - Im not looking for child support because I know he wont pay and I dont need his money to support me or my child. I hope someone can help me, like I said I am not looking to transfer right now but if the opportunity arises will I be able to???