I'm 14 can I move in with my grandmother

I’m 14 can I move in with my grandmother. or will I get in troble. my mother has put on in a home for bad kids all I did was skip school one time.

Answer #1

I think that the best thing that you can do for yourself is to quit skipping school! I watched all my friends do it in middle and high school do it and they all paied the price of it. Plus if you get into a habit of doing it, you’ll get into more truble and evenutally you’ll have to start dealing with the police. Now does that really make sence? Or do you really wanna’ be seen as one of thoes kids? I wouldn’t but then again, that’s me. As for your living situation. You can live with your grandma, BUT is that really what you want? These are some questions that you need to ask yourself. Also i don’t think your mom should have been so hard on you and sent you away… But then again i do beleive that as most young teens do they tend to make huge things out of little things. So my advice on that is that you need to stop and think and not make any irractional decisions about anything. And most of all talk to your mother without yelling or starting a fight.
<3’s Sarah

Answer #2

you probably can. your mom is over reacting. maby a grounding would hae been more suitable. check state law or if you have a school counseler ask them. they probably know

Answer #3

If things are really bad, then you should have a talk with your mom & grandmother about the situation. Skipping school isn’t good, but if you only did that one thing…then, well, perhaps your mom is being overly protective.

Answer #4

yes once you turn 13 years of age in ny state you can pick who you live with. You are forteen so get 2 packin :)

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