Can I move out at 16 with my baby?

I am sixteen years old. I have a daughter who is almost a year old. I will be turning 17 in 4 months. Can I move out now and live on my own if I can support my daughter and myself?

Answer #1

Legally: 1) find out the ‘age of majority’ in your state (Most 18)

             2) find out the requirements for filing for 'emancipation' in your state
Answer #2

I believe that you can actually make it on your own. Most girls would shy away from public assistance but the reality is that it is there to help. You can get emmancipated because you have a child. If your child’s father is not involved in her life, then you are eligible for TEA and Child Suppport. Food Stamps are very easy to come by and because your daughter is one, she is able to get WIC. That will pay for her food, milk and other things she needs to have that you may not be able to afford. If you need a house you can get on HUD. You don’t have to stay in low income housing if you dont want to. HUD will give to a voucher to pay your rent. If it doesnt cover the whole rent, then you will be responsible to pay the rest- which probably won’t be more than a hundred dollars depending on the nieghborhood you live in. Go to you local DHS office for more information.They can also help you get a job and get on your own two feet.

Answer #3

u have to go throu the court if ur mom doesnt want to leave but if ur mom want u out go for it… just mke sure u know what ur doing.. a baby is work andu need to finish school and u need a job to pay 4 r house and daycareand … goodluck

Answer #4

The previous poster gave excellent advice. I would only add that your local assistance office may be able to give you information on more community resources such as the Salvation Army, or other more local organizations that could help you with things like clothing, skills learning, parenting classes and support and utilities assistance. When you do go to get your utilities turned on, please ask about flat rate service, or any programs run through them that may help someone in your situation.

I applaud you whatever your particular situation for thinking about independance and above all asking for advice. Good luck to you!

Answer #5

if you can support the both of you then heck go for it.

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