Child abandonment in the state of california

My friend is married to a guy (lets call him jack and call her jill) Jill and jack were married for 2 years, bad relationship verbal abuse, and physical abuse towards each other. They have a little girl thats 4 years old. They are legally separated. Jill lives with the daughter in california and lives on welfare, and the dad left them (couldnt take the drama) and moved to iowa. He doesnt pay child support and barely calls his daughter. Can jill press child abandonment charges on the father? And if so is is that 5 years in prison? (he just filed for divorce)

Answer #1

Consult a family attorney for correct answers. State of CA allows for child support and depending on circumstances will likely deny him any visitation based on recent behavior. But as for jail time, not likely, I’ve never hear of it and I’ve been in law enforcement for many years, although not my field but still never heard of it. Get a free consult from a divorce attorney asap.

Answer #2

I dont believe she could, if she has filed for child support and he isnt paying then she can get him on that. And if they have a court order stating he has to see his daughter this day and this day or whatever then possibly. But If there is no court order and they are legally seperated then I believe there is nothing that can be done. Im sorry and I hope it works out, but in this case she and the baby seem better off without that looser. Unless she wants child support and for him to see his daughter she can try and have him sign over his rights.

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