Moving out Rights ?

I want to move in with my aunt because I don’t get along with my family, but I’m only 13. Are there any laws against me moving out, if so how do I find a way to move?

Answer #1

u should 1st try to improve your relationship with your family!what’s good about your aunt that is not about your parents!I am also 13 and I will never leave my parents!

Answer #2

Yupp There Is

Until You Are 18 your Parents Have Full Custody Of you

If You Move Its Considered Runaway

&& If Reported You Could Go To Juvie

Answer #3

no I dont think so. but she doesnt have custody over u. your parents do. they could take her to court or somthing if they get mad…

Answer #4

ask your parents… if they say yes… then your free to go… since they legally have control over you youll have to ask… sucks I know =]

im always here to talk =]

Answer #5

Since you posted anonymously, we don’t know your country. Assuming you’re in the U.S. then your parent(a) would have to sign a limited Power of Attorney that gives your aunt the authority to care for you and make decisions affecting your health and welfare. That way, if there was a medical emergency, your aunt would have the authority to authorize medical treatment for you.

Answer #6

Your aunt could sue for custody… but unless your parents are mistreating you in some way she may not be very successful

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