Can emo guys just wear fitted jeans? Instead of skinny jeans

Can emo guys just wear fitted jeans instead of skinny jeans

Answer #1

I don’t see what emo guy would be so cliche about the whole ‘labeling’ thing.

For girls,they don’t have to wear skinnies; they can wear simple blue jeans.

What does that tell you?

Answer #2

… seriously? you need to ask advice if you can wear fitted jeans? stop being a dam poser man. dam kids these days try to fit into the scenes.

Answer #3

soco your a knob its his choice that he wants to be an emo at the end of the day GET A LIFE!!!

Answer #4

Many of them do wear normal jeans… lol

It’s just stereotyped and you might just be more used to seeing them more in one vs the other…

But the “emo” guys I know like yeah they wear skinnies but they wear normal jeans too, although the normal jeans they wear are a lil bit tighter then normal… ah hah.

Answer #5

How fitted do you mean?

Answer #6

yeah you can, loads of emo dudes dont wear skinnie jeans. and soco how do they dress like girls?

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