Does it hurt when guys wear skinny jeans?

Not just skinny jeans,like waaaaaaaaaaaay tight skinny jeans…like how girls wear them…or tighter!! I know a few guys who do that and I’m just curious like where do they keep their junk?! Like are they small or something??!!

Answer #1

i’ve never worn tighy jeans or pants but id imagine it’d be very difficult if u get a hard on. it’d be suffocating i guess.

Answer #2

If the fabric is good then I think it is fine. Maybe they need to stay away from the beach a little bit LOL

Answer #3

I heard once that yes it hurts for guys and girls

Answer #4

You have to get suitable size of skinny jeans, then you will don’t feel tight.

Answer #5

`wow what a question lol i would guess that it hurts guys but it can also hurt girls too…..

Answer #6

My god…. I’d imagine it would, as adit and sri have mentioned… they wouldn’t wanna be around any hot chicks if so…. it’d be serious discomfort if they were to have a hard on. Not only does tight skinny jeans make it rather uncomfortable for their junk… it also reduces sperm count/it can produce sperm defect.

Answer #7

I think no, i think that most gays use skinny jeans

Answer #8

No not really..but some can be uncomfortable!

Answer #9

It would for me, too fat for skinny anything!!

Answer #10

Personally, as a guy, I will never wear skinny jeans because of this. Maybe some guys can pull it off, but I certainly can’t. I’m not sure if that means I have more of something but I can’t wear them because it would hurt me.

Answer #11

I’m no guy but i don’t think it hurts.. it can be really uncomfortable tho

Answer #12

I’ve never heard a guy complain.

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