Can a guy with a big butt and big thighs wear skinnies?

Okay so I’m a black guy and the black race is known for their big asses and well… I got one and I dont really want it to be honest. Everything I wear looks crappy because my ass makes the back of my jeans hug the back of my legs and looks weird. Tell me what kinda pants should I get and if there is a possibility I could wear skinnies.

Answer #1

just try diff things on..see what works…

Answer #2

If you have a ‘butt’ like kim kardashian or something, I probably wouldn’t suggest you do.. Other wise, why not.. It’s completely fine.

Answer #3

I am inclined to say no guy should wear them unless said guy happens to be a rock star since rock stars have this bizarre ability to be able to wear pretty much anything they want.

As for the pants thing, im not too sure what looks weird about them for you but I know I have them problem where if they fit my butt, they are miles too big for my legs but if they fit my legs I cant get them anywhere near my butt so I have resorted to getting bigger sizes then taking them to a tailor to make them fit my legs.

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