Wondering if it would look bad if I wear skinny jeans?

I was wondering if it would look bad if I wear skinny jeans I have long legs and im skinny and I don’t know if it would look messed up or something!!

Answer #1

that would actually look great! it would show off your body shape :]

Answer #2

I have a good friend in the same position- Tall, thin, beautiful in skinny jeans.

You should try it out. I’m sure they’ll look great on you!

Answer #3

skinny jeans are great. especially if youre tall and have long legs. I say go for it.

Answer #4

you said you had long skinny legs right so why not you can always go to the mall and try them on see if you like them. give it a go!!

Answer #5

yea my sis is skinny and she is tall too(bonus) and she lookz great in kskinny jeans and im sure you woul 2 im skinny and short but I hate skinny jeans tho lol

Answer #6

I am a guy I think that it would you would look fine. If you are confident then nothing else should matter.

Answer #7

yeah im thin and have ling leggs and my skinny jean look great on me they really compliment skinny people fat or thick people really shouldnt wear them they never look rightt

Answer #8

if your skinny then ull look good .. no offense to anyone but I hate it when people who shouldnt b wearing skinny jeans where them (my sis does that) lol but ya I think you would look fine

Answer #9

I’m thin and short >.< Skinny jeans look weird on me :) But I think you can pull it off. CONFIDENCE HUNNY :)

Answer #10

trust me, if your thin and you wear skinny jeans, they’ll look fine on u :)

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