Whats the best "wardrobe" to wear with skinny jeans?

Kk, I was planing on wearing skinny jeans when I go out, and I was wondering, whats the best “wardrobe” to wear when wearing them.

Answer #1

haha yahh, it does, oh it would help out even more if you guys like added a pic of which ones would be best / or your fav., ty :]

Answer #2

I like Vans on guys, and girls. But the less bulky kind. Any brand is good as long as the aren’t poofy, if that makes sense ;)

Answer #3

a tight graphic tee or a loose v-neck tee. && shoes…sketeboarding shoes are perfect. or somthing like uhmmm…flats only guy style…there mostly checkerboard…love themmm.

Answer #4

haha yah ima dude , I wear my dc’s with like everything imm gettin new skateboarding shoes, any suggestions on which type I should get?

Answer #5

oh wait, ura dude? well actually sneakers. Flats look weird on guys. but the shirt is up to you. Wear whatever you feel comfortable in.

Answer #6

I’m using my phone right now so I can’t, sorry ]x

Answer #7

yah, the whole band tee’s and skulls , etc. thats my kinda stuff.. any specific brand for shoes?

Answer #8

kk :[

Answer #9

try neon vans

Answer #10

a tight t shirt, or bigish ?

Answer #11

a tshirt and flats

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