You have to be skinny to wear skinny jeans.

You have to be skinny to wear skinny jeans and also I want to ask if is ok that a man Use skinny jeans and why they dont make fatty jeans. Lol.

Answer #1

Some skinny jeans are made with a higher waist so that people with larger hips can get them on. Alan Manoukian and Betty Barklay make skinny jeans that make fat people look thinner.

Answer #2

skinny jeans come in all sizes so its not just for skinny people its only the name of them yeahh it hink they look extremly well on menn

Answer #3

its okay for guys..but if your talking about wearing WOMENS skinny jeans…thats different

Answer #4

Yes they make them for men… and I think that they look best on the skinny people, but some of the… well, not so skinny people can wear them too. It’s whatever they want to wear.

Answer #5

ahaha no they’re not just for skinny people :)

And I think they’re just called skinny jeans for the fact they aren’t as wide as the usual jeans :)

Either way, skinny jeans rock! And sure, men can wear them. I think it looks great when men wear skinny jeans!

Answer #6

Honestly I feel that only skinny women look good in skinny jeans. If you have a fuller figure, they are not flattering on your body.

Yes, they make them for men also.

Answer #7

No you dont necessarily have to be skinny. And yes there are skinny jeans for men.

Answer #8

All I have is “Fatty” jeans … lol

Answer #9
  1. Yes they make them for man:) all those “emo” kids wear them.
  2. I’m not skinny at all and I wear them! Okay, I understand that like, really fat people shouldn’t wear skinny jeans, cus it makes them look even fatter. But I wear skinny jeans alll the time and I’m not skinny-I’m not fat, but I’m a little bit heavy. I weigh like 66 kilos and Im 17. They just look great! I love Skinny Jeanss!
Answer #10

skinny jeans just refer to the leg not the body type needed to wear them if they were only for skinny people they wouldnt make and sell them in other sizes

Answer #11

I dont know about stuff for men, but they are now catering to plus size women… they have different jeans for different shapes…

Answer #12

I think they call them skinny jeans because of the way they are made. LOL, fatty jeans? that’s a great idea.

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