Why cant straight guys wear skinny jeans?

Mkay! Well the other day me and my boyfriend where at the mall and he was whering skinny jeans and .this random dude came up and say your gay dude be a real man get them girl jeans off. Rude much! Why do people assume guys are gay when they dress like propper or dressy a skater,Emo or anythign like that It don’t make since to me preshate all the answers Brii.(:

Answer #1

They absolutely can!! People are STUPID!

My best friend is a musician. I mean, he has had videos on MTV, gone on many tours. He hit it pretty big and will again.

He has tattoos, crazy hair and an amazing style! And yet…people call him a fG*t when he goes out. He doesnt look “gay” at ALL! But because he looks different people cant figure him out. People are scared of what they dont understand.

He just holds his head high and blows them kisses. LOL! And trust me when I tell you…he has had more women than those “straight” men will EVER see!!!

Answer #2

my boyfriend wears skinnies er day and nobody’s ever called him gay. I think the guy who said that is just a dick

Answer #3

I know plenty of straight guys who where skinnies. I honestly prefer skinnies on a guy then baggy jeans.

Answer #4

They think it’s gay because it WAS gay but is now a trend.

Saggy jeans WAS gay but is now a trend.

Guys wearing earrings WAS gay but is now a trend.

Guys wearing necklaces WAS gay but is now a trend.

See where I’m getting at? everything that was gay is being incorporated into a trend. Basically the world is subconciously accepting all orientations without being aware of it. This is only a theory. Honestly im a guy and would wear skinnys but I have thick thighs and an butt lol

Answer #5

I generally think guys look terrible in skinny jeans, if I wanted to date someone who looked like a chick, I’d just date another girl.

Answer #6

I wonder that too! a few guys in my school wear skinny jeans, I think they look alright. and my close guy friend wears them, and people call him gay even though he has a girlfriend of two years. I just dont understand it. I think people just say that cause they think that girls should be the ones wearing tight jeans, not guys, so they assume he is gay. I don’t know, just my opinion.

Answer #7

like before the “New boys” jerkin was something guy did ! Not a odd dance haha

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