how to get donations for my church?

Does anyone know how I could get some information on how to get donations for my church? Please let me know.

Answer #1

Car washes are common here. Bake sales are another standby. Some churches ask people to donate old cars they fix up and sell.

Answer #2

Denomination? Christianity is a little broad. I worked as a youth and outreach director of a large presbyterian church and I can give you some tips.

Answer #3

In general, people do not make donations to other people’s churches. If you can’t collect from your members, you probably can’t collect at all.

Answer #4

well, before I answer the last question I want to reply to the first one. I have seen free webpages that offer to set up sites that would sell things like magazine subscriptions for a 40% commission…however, I don’t know the content of the magazines. (That would be funny if it was porn or something!) In answer to the second question: The religion is Christianity and the donations will be used for a new sound system for the church and the other half will go to the youth ministry which I am the Youth Pastor.

Answer #5

What is the religion? What will the donations be used for?

Answer #6

Just ask around. ask places like wal mart they gave our church $25.00, and many other stores and restarunts have also. dont believe what that other person said ! ! !

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