What's it like to be married in this church?

For those who might or might not be members of the Church of Jezus Christ of Later Day saints: I would like to to know what its like to be married and sealed in the temple? Well, the reason why I’m asking this, is because I’m a member of the church. I had the opportunity to go to the temple on Saturday to do Baptisms for the dead. So, again what is like to get married and Sealed?

Answer #1

I was married and sealed in the Bountiful utah temple August 15,2006 and let me tell you there is no other way it was so spiritual and beautiful i will never forget that day we aren’t really supposed to discuss what goes on in the sealing room but you can talk to the bishop and he can explain what he can to you!

Answer #2


I don’t have any information or opinion personally, but what I would suggest is that you talk to people in your church. They will have been married in the Church or at least know how it is done.

Answer #3

Im only 14 but my parents and many other couples in my LDS church have been married and sealed in the church and have said it is spiritual and ther is a feeling like no other thing you have felt before, In the church they say there is some one out there for every one that you will be married to and it is an amazing experience to b have..

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