Where would you prefer to get married?

At a beach, at his/her parents house, on an island, in a church, in your backyard, outside, etc. (:

Answer #1

I’d go for the church. Its traditional, especially in my family (: Its the grooms house seems..odd to me. I always thought outdoor weddings were a bad idea. Since you can’t control the weather from being too hot/cold/rainy/windy ect. I want the most comfortable things (:

Answer #2

I don’t plan on ever getting married but I think beach and island weddings are beautiful. :)

Answer #3


Answer #4

gawd, i don’t think i’d get married again? i had the whole 4 tier wedding cake 300 guests and sit down meal.. and you know what? i spent more time talking to other people becuase i ‘felt i had to’ rather than doing what ‘I’ wanted on a so called ‘my day’

IF i did (massive if!), i’d just get my partner and a couple of friends, get dolled up and have a lovely night to celebrate…less if definitely more!

Answer #5

I think the rainforest would be awesome. ‘cept for the blitzing tribals.

Answer #6

There is this old cathlic church on galveston island i been lookin at. Thats where im gettin married

Answer #7

lol you try living in england.. you manage ‘outdoors weddings’

Answer #8

My grandparents have this really cool rock fire place that my great grandfather built in their living room. My parents got married in front of it, and I think I would like to also.

Answer #9

I think I would like a very small ceremony with just a few close friends and family members, then that night just have a huge bonfire and drinks and food with everyone. I want it to feel like a celebration and not a formality. And i am going to spend the money I saved on the ceremony on a great honeymoon!

Answer #10

Beach would be great but will cost alot to get all the boys there for the party after. :)

Answer #11

i plan on getting married in Niagra Falls the running water represents peace an tranquilty and the washing away of our pass life

Answer #12

Where is of no importance to me….the atmosphere and vibe that is natural to me….shall be.

Answer #13

I wanted to get married in Christchurch’s catholic cathedral, which was my church and where I went to school, but is in pretty bad shape after the earthquake so no idea now.

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