How do I get proof to that I have converted when I havnt?

I’m muslim and my boyfriend is orthodox. We have been together for four years and he’s parents have made our life hell due to me being muslim. We have decided to get engaged this year and he’s parents will only accept if I convert. Now I don’t and wont convert but is there some way that I can show I have converted but really havent just so it can convince hes family. If I cant they wont let the engagement happen. Please help me!!!

Answer #1

If you pretend conversion you are likely to be accused of it in any case. Eventually you must decide whether you will be shackled by a faith in whose traditions I believe it says 1,400 religions are correct. But if you are not prepared to accept Jesus as the Son and the doctrine of the Theotokos, then you are right in your stand. If he truly loves you, would he be prepared to convert that gives you no problem from the point of your religion. Or are you prepared to renounce religion in its formal form for the pursuit of the common good of the people, perhaps his parents would not object to that. Remember God is One and there is no God but God and he is but a man of flesh, but maybe he wants to drink and does not believe in holy war, etc. You must both think carefully what you really believe in.

Answer #2

Uhm it’s not like you get a certificate? And Orthodox what, christian, jewish? And seriously, think about marrying a guy who allows his parents to not let him get engaged. A guy who wont stand up for his fiance wont stand up for his wife. You want to live the rest of your life like this? If you manage to prove it somehow, you’re going to live the next 30 or 40 years lying? Even if you do convert, what does that mean anyways? if you dont believe, it means saying meaningless words. I’m sorry, but I find it difficult to respect a guy who will not stand up to his parents. You think you’re going to avoid drama this way? This is just the beginning. Welcome to a few decades of drama.

Answer #3

there isn’t much money can’t buy, I’m shure some cash will get you some signed papers saying you’re convered, but you might need to ask in more than one church,

Answer #4

Is this guy so wrapped around his parent’s finger that they give permission what girl he will marry over her religion? You need to seriously consider your future. If they are starting now (and you arent even married yet!) what will your life be like later on? They will control all your actions!!

Answer #5

He needs his parent’s permission to get engaged? Wow what century are we living in?

Look, I’m sure you really love this guy, but you need to seriously think about moving on. It’s never going to work if his parents are running your life.

Answer #6

ty is 100% correct. Your future sounds horrible…years of denying who you are…a husband who will not stand up to his parents… you both sound far to immature to marry…

Answer #7

I mean you could go through the process of converting and when the weddings over get it reversed with out his parents knowing. Or just simply have your boyfreind stick up for you and tell his parents to just try to accept his decision to marry you. If he’s okay with you lieing to his parents though,that will avoid some drama. (:

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