How can I prevent belly button ring infection?

How can I stop the infection before it starts without taking out my belly ring?

Answer #1

Its crucial to keep it clean, everyday when you shower, it is best to use Anti-bacterial soap. Stay away from hand sanitizers, rubbing alchocol & peroxide. As peroxide can ware at the integrity of the metal it self & it doesn’t exactly get down to cleaning the inner area of the piercing. Rubbing Alcohol can burn like heck, so I wouldn’t recommend it. Try not to play with it, or touch it alot, as the oils in your hands can deposit harmful bacterias which could lead to a nasty painful infection. If you apply a small amount of NON-ORGANIC healing lotion (such as Curel or Vaseline Intensive Care) to the area around the piercing, it will prevent “crusties” from forming altogether, and will also eliminate any dry or irritated skin associated with frequent cleanings/soakings. Use a very small amount, in between cleanings. Most disinfectants tend to dry out sensitive skin if used frequently and repeatedly. Also you can get a product called H2O Ocean Spray, which you may buy at a tattoo & piercing shop. It is recommended to spray the solution on the piercing every 3-4 hours, because the enzyme (lysozyme) will remain active killing bad bacteria for 4-5 hours. This will ensure that no infection will occur. The salinity level of this product is lower than the human body therefore no burning will occur on the piercing. You can not overuse this product.

Good luck with the new ring’ ~Ben~

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