Belly Button Ring

My belly button ring keeps bleeding. I also play basketball but when I don’t it doesnt bleed. But tonight it was bleed a little too much. I clean it out every night like they say. I move it around when I clean it. What should I do?

Answer #1

Actually you are supposed to move it around when you clean it, this is so that you can clean off any crusts that stick to the jewelry. Always clean it with diluted salt water for the first two weeks at least, twice a day. Get your piercer to then recommend you a mild soap to use to clean it after that period. My piercer recommends this gentle Dettol body wash that’s anti-bacterial, but I’m not sure if it’s made anymore or if there’s any sold near you, because my piercings have all healed a long time ago.

Anyway, try stopping the rough sports for awhile to let your piercing heal. You’re not allowing it to heal by moving it so much out of cleaning time. If it starts getting infected, be sure to see your piercer about it.

Answer #2

Well first thing, you are not supposed to move it around when you clean it! And also you have try soaking it in cleaner, or rubbing alcohol.

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