Picture of my belly button: is it infected?

This is an up close picture of my belly button piercing and it’s kind of blurry. I have been asking A LOT of questions about belly button piercing and mine is red and a little sore but nothing is coming out and I’m not sick or have a fever. What do you think by looking at the picture?

Answer #1

hhmm that redness concerns me. I never had that redness but as i told you my friends got infected and it was red like that before hand. Keep an eye on it and keep it clean, make sure you are cleaning it twice a day morning and night and if it gets any worse take it out!

Answer #2

Looks infected, or at least irritated. Wash it immediately if you haven’t already, and spray it/soak it with the saline solution they should have given or recommended you at the place you had it done. The washing will keep it clean, whereas the salt will help it heal. You really have to wash it at least twice a day and spray/soak it with the saline solution 4-5 times a day. And always wash your hands before you touch it!

Answer #3

it could be

Answer #4

probably, have u been having any stomachaches latley??casue thats what happend to me and my friend hope i helpt! :)

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