I think I may have an infection of the belly button

I got my belly butto pierced 3months ago, about 2 months after I noticed that there is a discolored pimple next to my belly button. I hvae been cleaning it but it is stil there, I squeezed it and some yellowish puss came out. it do not hurt or smells bad. I am tired I seeig it and I dont know what else to do. I went back to the place that I had it done I was told it is not serious just keep cleaning that was 3 weeks ago. somebody help

Answer #1

Does it ever drain anything on its own without your squeezing it out? Is it swollen around the area? So you have no pain, foul odor–but you do have this pustule that is purple and when squeezed puts out a yellow discharge. Doesn’t sound like an infection, but just from reading its really hard to tell. If you are uncomfortable with it then have your Dr. check it out. Can’t hurt. (•=

Answer #2

No my belly has been effectd many times it puses whitish yellow stuff with blood no bump get that checked THough K

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