What should I do about an infected belly button ring?

My belly button piercing is really infected. The skin or whatever is coming out of the hole in the bottom. It looks really bad. Im really scared. I don’t know what to do. I have so many thought running in my head. Do i tell my parents or not. Please help me. Can you please give me advice on what to do??? PLEASE!!!

Answer #1

I’ve so much trouble with mine and i’ve had mine for about a year now.. What i’ve done in the past was but the ring i got when i first got it done.. then cleaned it out everyday..

Answer #2

Hey i got mine done about a month ago and i thought it was normal to be alittle red at first, then the red started to go away and now, on the surface of the skin between the top and bottom theres like red lump with white stuff in it (yes, it does look like a pimple lol) and i’m not sure if its infected or not, Help anyone?

Answer #3

Hi. I hadde the same probelm.. almost.. use pollyspron. do not put it on the ring but around the infecsion and on it. but the ring! it might bleed a little but when i talked to my mom about it she said it was only because it was healing. dont worry it dosnt bleed much. but after it startes to heal and scarb use sea salt. warm water and mix sea salt in it. it cleared mine up right away. please tell me if this was anyhelp. hope it was

Answer #4

oh yah no problem just tell your parents that its infected and go to a local doctor when you can ..keep an ice pack on it to keep the swelling down you can also go to the place where you got it pierced and get some medicine for it ..dont wory its no big i had 6 infected ear piersings and i got medicine for it and the problem went away fast ..how new is the piercing also think you might be alergic to the metal so try to get a different metal like real gold or sergical steel ..its going to be fine i dont think your parents would be mad at you and your the one that needs to stay calm they can freek if they want just take it easy and go get it looked at once medicines on it it wont hurt or look as bad anymore Good Luck

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