bedroom wall idea (pic included)

Okay so I just painted my room. Idunno what I should put on that wall next to my bed. I dont want it to be plain but I dont want like a bunch of posters of different celebs on there. What do you think would look good?

Answer #1

you could hang up like one of those big bulliten board sort of things and put whatever you like up there. pictures, things that remind you of stuff, anything that you want.

Answer #2

Yea sorry, I have it set on that.

Answer #3

well, why dont you try pics of your friends ect,

on my wall I have a few pics of friends, and lots of momorys its sweet

Answer #4

do I have to be your friend to see it large size? ‘cause when I click on it, it just takes me to your profile.

Answer #5

pink colors, or orange colors would look good, as they would contrast nicely.

I guess it depends on your style… a piece of art with flowers, or an abstract you could go funky and attach fake flowers kaycie’s suggestion is good too, you could go even further and make like a scrap-book page but big with contrasting to the green theme, maybe on a piece of bristol board with concert tickets and stuff on it too

whatever you do, try to use colors that are “warm” that way it will really stand out. btw, I love that color green

Answer #6

friends and family :) always looks good depends what your into

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