Bedroom ideas

I need some bedroom ideas !! Im a teenager and I dont like pink no affence or anything but I just couldn’t be bothered with pink .. Im a tomboy so I love sports I love volleyball. And I have my owend band.. And I wannted a room that would be really cool were me and my friends could just hang out and talk and everything like that

Please help any ideas ??

Answer #1

well, on your profile it said that music is your life. well, get posters of your fav bands and hang them up in there (or do what I do; make them from pictures on the internet).

Answer #2

so you want to paint your room or just get different furniture etc?

if I was you I wouldn’t care what other people advised me to put in my room I would be unique and put together what I wanted in my room

Answer #3

Do websearches for bedroom makeovers, and get ideas !

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