Bedroom Organizing and Decorating Ideas??

okay so im trying to organize my bedroom and then I want to re-decorate it…I have

knee-walls and only a small amout of wall space so if any of yall have ideas that

would be great =]

Answer #1

knee-walls are like short walls that go mostly around the room except at the ends of my room and I have slanted cealings…it used to be an attic

Answer #2

What are knee-walls?

Answer #3

great little room decors at spencersonlinecom and IKEA and target!!!

Answer #4

When I start to decorate a bedroom I have to find my palette of color first. Find a pattern rug or fabric or bed set that you love color and pattern wise. This is what will help give you the theme and color choices for everything else, wall colors, pillows, accessories etc. My advice too is to buy the best bedding you can afford, a good high thread sheet count. Not only are they more comfortable but good quality products last longer. Search the internet for pix ideas and see what different stores have to offer. My favorite bedding and bath site is But check around, once you find the set you like, selecting everything else will be a breeze.

Answer #5

Use bookcases, shelves, cupboards or drawers in the shortest areas of your room where the ceiling slant meets the wall. This will utilize the small spaces you wouldn’t normally use and save you space in the rest of the room. Use furniture that is lower to the ground. Canopies and columns of fabric can divide the room and add a more decorative feel while creating the illusion of a taller ceiling. Painting the ceiling and the walls the same color will minimize the appearance of the slopes. You can also use a lighter tone of the same color to do the ceilings to make the room lighter and to highlight and add an architectural element to the room.

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