ideas 4 redecorating my bedroom??

how should I redecorate my bedroom?? I don’t like famous poeple staring at me! so I don’t want to change to posters of them… what are some ideas??

Answer #1

hot pink and lime green go together. even baby blue ang lilac for paint suggestions.

you can also move furniture around, or get some friends to leave a personal message on your wall with paint and markers. thats a good thing to look back on when you get older

I have a collage of icons with funny sayings on my mirror, like “Dont flatter yourself, I was looking at your friend” ;)

Answer #2

You can change the order to your furniture in your bedroom.. I do that makes me feel like my room is new.. and lol I dont like people on wall staring at me at all…whatever they’re famous or not lol… Hmm… you can change the color of the can put some new ornaments…hmm hope this helped :)

Answer #3

torquise and brown look pretty together. also brown and light pink (salmon pink) you can use those colors and add inn a design to it like swirls or vines w/ flowers somehting like that. or if you like the whole zebra stripe cheetah theme you can do that too, just try to make it look elegant not to little girlish add a color that you like also. umm you can doo, polka dots,fashion, strpies, black and white w/ flowers and add a hot pick into it. theres so many ideas. I wish I oculd redecorate my room. lol have fun!!

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