Bedroom ideas!

Im redoing my room. Does anybody have any ideas or websites I can use to help to redo my room. Such as bedding,paint, color ideass, blah blah. Thankss. O and im 13 and im a girl

Answer #1

me and my sister, both have matching rooms in different colors. her room is green with a pink stripe going around the center. with matching bedding,and my room is the same but in brown in blue the bedding came with matching carpets,towels,sheets,comforter,pillow cases and small extra pillows,and a throw blanket it wasnt really that expensive and its really nice.

Answer #2

You should try looking at themes based on countries or other areas. That would be interesting. You could make your room beachy, or African-esque, or Hispanic, or even Middle-Eastern like the room of a belly dancer. For any of those you can find colour sets and neat decorations. I personally have an Asian themed room: my walls are blue with a Cherry Blossum tree and flowers everywhere, I sleep on a futon, I have a map of Japan up, and I have a lot of things from Japan on nice silky items. Good luck with the room!

Answer #3

no way I am 13year old girl and I am remaking my bedroom. I am making mine like a beach it’s starting to look really cool. I hope that helps :)

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