What are some cool design ideas for my bedroom?

I’m thinking lava lamps but what else? ^-^ I like stuff that glows… lol

(P.S The walls are white at the moment - for my colour scheme: anything that works except pink ahah. I like blue and purple just not too girly please. =3) But I’m open to any ideas so fire away!

Answer #1

idk but my friend did a all circle room so her walls had circles painted on it the bed had circles the chairs were circles it was really cool

Answer #2

Well my room has a fun punk/preppy theme. I have blue walls a bit darker then light blue but still have that warm glow, a zebra bread spread, a few hello kitty posters, Some gothic alice in wonderland posters, Some pictures on my night stand of me andfriends in back, white, or zebra print frames. But that one is just mine. Your room needs to say Who you are, but here are a few idea for you to try Juicy coutier (alot easier then u think) animal print paris (or favorite place in the world) 70’s,80’s, or 90’s and if you really want somthing intresting try going to youtube and typing in room tours, it will show you other peaples rooms and give you some ideas Hope i helped:)

Answer #3

btw ment bed spread not bread spread

Answer #4

btw ment bed spread not bread spread

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