Astrological Signs

What is the time line of the astrological signs? What sign are you?Are you anything like your sign? Do you believe in astrology?

I’m a Taurus and I don’t really believe in it too much, even though I’m so much like the way they describe the sign that it’s scary. My little brother’s birthday is 5 days after mine, so we share a sign, but wwe are nothing alike which is kinda funny.=D

Answer #1

I don’t believe in it. My sister got into reading character from handwriting, and discovered that people were really gullible and wanted to believe everything she told them about themselves. I think that’s also why we like horoscopes.

Answer #2

I’m a Libra and I believe in astrology to a point. It’s not always true but I believe that what it says about people is mostly true. It’s pretty interesting and a lot of the times it’s right.

Answer #3

yup, it is right sometimes. I agree.

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